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Wellness Wednesday

Tips for a successful visit to the veterinarian.

Collagen Protein Adds to Overall Nutrition

Most animals reach optimal health with higher levels of protein. Somewhat higher levels of protein provide good nutrition and pose no harm to most animals provided their diet is properly balanced.


Keep your dog cool this summer with healthy pupsicles. They are super easy to make and dogs love them!

Backed by Science

Numerous recent studies prove the effectiveness of collagen peptides. One study that focused on Canine Osteoarthritis determined that gelatin significantly improved activity (vitality) and significantly reduced stiffness and lameness. The researchers concluded that a dose of gelatin mixed in with food would be beneficial for dogs with osteoarthritis.1

Grab the Lint Roller: The Low Down on Shedding

Dog parents know that all dogs (except hairless breeds) shed throughout the year. Some breeds have an uptick in shedding heading into spring, especially double coated breeds

What Dog People Need to Know About Their New Cat

Adopting a cat during Covid-19 is a great way to help save animals that find themselves in high-kill shelters, like our new guy Grange.

Bite me! What You Need to Know About Your Quarantine Rescue Cat

We fed our new cat and afterwards he came up to me with a head butt. As I went to pet him, he bit me hard on my finger. I was shocked. It all happened lightning fast. One minute our sweet cat was rubbing his head on me lovingly, and the next he was chomping down on my finger.

DIY Gummy Treats for Your Dog

Looking for a fun activity to do while social distancing? Gummy treats for your dog! They are healthy, easy and your dog will LOVE them! The ingredients you will need are: Totally Wags Collagen for Dogs Water. That's really all you need! I know, it's almost too easy! Get the whole family involved in this fun DIY treat recipe.

It All Started with a Boxer Named Bailey

One early spring day the kids and I went to a local mini farm, we all loved petting and feeding friendly farm animals. Before heading home we always checked out their pet store. Bright colored birds, swarms of pretty fish and reptiles were usually on display.

Global Pet Expo Recap

Team Wags attended the Global Pet Expo on Friday in Orlando, Florida. It’s the premier pet industry event of the year hosted by the American Pet Products Association. It was a real honor to attend

Wags is Open for Business

I am really excited to announce that Wags is officially open for business! We have been working around the clock to launch Wags and we are ready to showcase our all-natural, premium pet supplements. My husband and I became experts in collagen and gelatin

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