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Boxador Eating a Pupsicle

The dog days of summer are approaching! Keep your dog cool this summer with healthy pupsicles. They are super easy to make and dogs love them! 

You don’t need much to make these 4 ingredient, healthy treats. You can use an ice cube tray, silicone molds or popsicle molds


¼ cup Totally Wags Collagen for Dogs

1 T peanut butter powder

½ ripe banana, mashed

3 cups water


Add all the ingredients to a sauce pan and stir over low heat until incorporated - about 3 minutes. You could also throw the ingredients in the microwave for a minute and stir. Or you can skip heating the ingredients - the pupsicles may not be as cohesive, but our test dogs haven't really been bothered by this. Next you can run them through a blender, you can also skip this step, again our test dogs didn't mind chunks of banana in their pupsicles. You know your dog! 

If using silicone molds, place them on a cookie sheet (trust us). Moving the molds filled up with liquid is messy! Also, greasing the molds may make unmolding a bit easier. Pour the ingredients into the molds you have chosen. Place in the freezer for 2- 4 hours depending on size or until frozen. To unmold pupsicles - run the frozen mold under warm water for a bit to loosen the pupsicle from the mold, wiggle a bit and pull. 

Your pup is going to really enjoy these refreshing and healthy popsicles!

Dog Bone Shaped Pupsicles

Dog Bone Shaped Pupsicles


Traditional Pupsicles

Here are some other tips for keeping your dog chill this summer.

It is normal for dogs to pant when they’re hot. Panting helps dogs cool off when they’re hot or engaged in exercise. 

Limit exercise to early morning and evening when the temperature is a bit cooler. 

When your dog is outside, make sure he has access to shade and water. Also, keep Rover inside during the hottest part of the day. 

Never leave a pet in a parked car. 

Katy Wagener 
CEO Wags

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