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Grab the Lint Roller: The Low Down on Shedding

Grab the Lint Roller! The Low Down on Shedding

Katy Wagener 
CEO & Founder of Wags

Dog parents know that all dogs (except hairless breeds) shed throughout the year. Some breeds have an uptick in shedding heading into spring, especially double coated breeds, while breeds like poodles shed less due to their hair shafts having a longer life cycle. 

Curly Brown Dog Fur

If your dog is shedding more than usual, they could be suffering from an underlying medical condition. Allergies, an unbalanced diet and certain disorders can all cause excessive shedding. Consult with your vet to determine the underlying cause. Another common cause of shedding is stress. If your dog is nervous or uncomfortable look for ways to manage stress.

You can help limit the amount of dog hair around the house by adding hair fortifying ingredients to your dog’s diet and regularly combing their coat. Adding a dietary supplement like, Totally Wags Collagen for Dogs is a great way to ensure your dog is getting a balanced diet. Totally Wags contains collagen which is beneficial for skin and coat health. Dogs with healthy skin and coats are less likely to suffer from flaky, itchy, dry skin; and this can also help with shedding. A protein-rich diet is key to coat health, and with 18 amino acids and 5 grams of protein per full serving, Totally Wags can help up your dog’s protein intake. 

What else can you do to prevent shredding on furniture, rugs and your black work pants? Brushing, brushing and more brushing! Invest in a great brush suited for your dog’s coat length or hair type. The FURminator®  is an excellent brush for tackling dogs with thick coats. What’s great about brushing? Most dogs love it and it’s excellent for bonding!

Shiny Brown Dog Sitting

Totally Wags

We're a woman-owned business specializing in collagen supplements for cats and dogs.

Bag of Collagen for Dogs on Table Outside

Collagen for dogs

Collagen is an essential protein in your dog's body that promotes healthy bones, joints, skin & coat. Totally Wags Collagen for Dogs is a protein-packed supplement made up of premium marine collagen peptides & pasture raised beef gelatin. Our non-GMO formula is gluten, dairy, soy & filler free. Your furry friend will love Collagen for Dogs!

Collagen for Cats

Support healthy digestion with our marine collagen and beef gelatin food topper. With a strong fish flavor, this supplement is appealing to even the pickiest of cats. Adding collagen to your cat's diet is an easy way to support musculoskeletal health. 

Kitten with Collagen for Cats on Bed
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