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Our featured Friends


Meet Taz!

young at heart

In 2010, Taz was rescued by Wags founders Katy and Dan Wagener. Taz, or as he's called by family, Tazzy, was emaciated with his ribs protruding enough to count. Despite this, as soon as Taz met his forever family in his foster mom's back yard he burst into zoomies, jumping and licking their faces. 

Katy and Dan took Taz home for a test "sleepover," but in the car ride back, as Taz rest his head on their son, Michael's, lap, it was clear Taz had found his forever family. Ever since that day, Taz has been a part of the Wagener crew. 

Boxers are prone to developing a terrible condition called hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, Taz's late sister, Bailey, suffered from hip dysplasia, and it was so painful for Katy and Dan to watch their once spunky and stubborn puppy unable to walk on her own. 

Since 2015, collagen and gelatin has been a part of Taz's daily routine. Katy and Dan wanted to ensure they did everything they could to protect Taz's joints. Through a complete diet, many long walks and even more snuggles, Taz is enjoying his senior years with great health. Even in his elder years, he continues to run and play with his younger brother, Steve. 



The Loving queen

Meet Holly! This sweet girl was the runt of her litter, but today she is the queen of her house. Holly is also one of Totally Wags' leading Taste Testers. In fact, she was one of the very first to try Collagen for Cats!

Did we mention Holly loves food? Some of her favorite foods include: oatmeal, steak and she also likes trying to stealing fish oil pills. Unsurprisingly, Holly also really enjoys Collagen for Cats. 

Thanks for being our favorite Taste Tester, Holly!

All our Friends

Wags, Happy Healthy Pets


Steve is the newest member of the Wags team. When he was rescued from a shelter in Kansas, he was scared and underweight. Today he is a bundle of energy, always eager to help his parents with everything around the house.


Duffy is from Kentucky originally, but now lives in the sunshine state with his parents Sue and Art. He loves food, and will twirl for a pretzel.


Tipsi is a friendly guy who always wants to play. He enjoys walking up to anyone around and asking for lots of snuggles.

Nominate your pet

We want to feature your pet on Wags. Nominated your fur ball by emailing info@wags.com with "Feature My Pet" as the subject. Include a brief write up about your pet and why they love Wags. Don't forget to share a picture as well! 

Why Wags?

A healthier life for your pet.

Gluten Free

Our products are 100% free from gluten and fillers.

No Preservatives

Our products are 100% free from artificial preservatives

18 amino Acids

Collagen for Dogs contains 18 Amino Acids critical to health.  


Made with highly-bioavailable animal protein, this packs a punch with 5 grams protein per serving.

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