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It All Started with a Boxer Named Bailey

Little girl with sleeping boxer puppy

It all started with a boxer named Bailey

Katy Wagener
CEO / Founder Wags

One early spring day the kids and I went to a local mini farm, we all loved petting and feeding friendly farm animals. Before heading home we always checked out their pet store. Bright colored birds, swarms of pretty fish and reptiles were usually on display. 

On this day, they had eight tiny boxer puppies for sale and holy mackerel were they cute! I wasn’t really thinking about getting a dog… but our youngest child would soon be four years old. The more I thought about it, I realized it seemed like the perfect time to finally add a puppy to our lives! 

Woman with boxer puppy in her lap

My father had two boxers growing up, Sheba and Muggsy - but I didn’t know much about the breed. We had many dogs growing up, but never a boxer. I did some research, talked to the manager of the local veterinary office and decided that a boxer puppy would be a perfect fit for our family. 

One thing led to another and soon we were driving to Iowa to meet Rosie; a female boxer who was the runt of her litter and was available for adoption. 

We renamed her Bailey, she was the sweetest dog ever; she loved kids and she loved her family. Bailey had a lot of energy and she loved to exercise! A perfect day for Bailey started out by taking a run with Dad in the morning and a walk with Mom and the kids in the afternoon. In the summer she loved to lay in the sun in the backyard. 

She also loved to play with her dog cousin, Dewey, a playful golden retriever and our dog neighbor, Dolly, a beautiful doberman pinscher. She could play with them for hours! Bailey was less enthusiastic about the hermit crabs and she only occasionally sniffed the newts or the beta and goldfish. 

I would catch her having stare offs with the guinea pig through his crate walls. The hamster was a whole other issue, as our young son would set the hamster free and lots of running and screaming would ensue while we tried to re-capture Hammy before Bailey. (He usually hid under the guest room bed.)  

Wags family with boxer named Bailey

Occasionally, in her adolescence, Bailey's back leg would catch on a walk or a run. She was athletic and extremely coordinated - so this was curious - but we weren’t concerned. As she aged, her back legs got worse and she would almost drag her paws. 

Our veterinarian informed us that Bailey had degenerative myelopathy. Symptoms for Bailey initially included dragging her rear paws. Soon it became difficult for her to get up from laying down. She loved to greet each one of us at the door as we came home, showering us with kisses. Now we would head over to her bed to shower her with love when we walked through the door. 

Eventually, we used a sling to support her hind legs so that she could walk outside a bit. The vet explained to us that she was probably not in pain. As I learned more about the health benefits of collagen, my mind continually went to Bailey. I wish I could go back in time and give her Totally Wags Collagen for Dogs everyday, like I do now for Taz and Steve. 

Two boxer dogs in snow with a stick

It was awful seeing our sweet Bailey in pain with every movement. Bailey inspired us to create Wags, so we can help dogs and cats lead happy, healthy lives. We know there are many pet parents out there struggling as their pets suffer from joint pain and stiffness and we hope Totally Wags Collagen for Cats and Dogs can help bring some relief. 

We’ve loved a lot of pets, but Bailey was the one who taught us how to be a dog family. Taz and Steve now have the benefits of veteran dog parents. Our companion animals are always teaching us something new. One thing we know for sure, all our pets now get the extra nutritional support and benefits of collagen. 

Give your Pet the support of 

Totally Wags collagen


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